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About Us

The Glass Foundation is a private family foundation based in Asheville, NC and was created in 2000 by Kenneth E. and Nancy J. Glass. The Foundation strives to help Western North Carolina thrive as a whole community educationally, environmentally, and culturally and offer a distinctive quality of life.

The overall vision of the Foundation is to enable Western North Carolina to realize a vision of itself as a premier place to both live and work by making the region a center of high quality educational opportunity; and helping to preserve a diverse array of natural resources.

The most recent 990 PF tax documents are available at

Areas of Interest


The Foundation provides grant funding in two specific areas:


Child and Youth Development:

These grants are to be used exclusively to benefit youth aged 18 and under.  Some examples of projects we have funded are: camps and summer programs, after school programs, outdoor recreation, charter schools and private schools.


Environmental Education and Preservation:

These grants are to be used exclusively for outdoor education and/or environmental preservation. Some examples are: land preservation, outdoor programming for youth and adults, studying and preserving different species of plants or animals, water protection, and parks and gardens.

The Foundation will accept requests for program or project funding and capital needs. The Foundation welcomes collaboration with other grantmakers and favors grantseekers with multiple sources of support. Funding commitments are made on a year to year basis. The Foundation occasionally grants support over several years for large capital campaigns.

Board of Directors

Lara Glass, President
Kenneth Glass, Chair
Nancy Glass, Secretary
Bernie Stanek
Scott Peterson

Camp Watia
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