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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you fund projects outside of your two focus areas?

No, we limit our funding to projects that fit into those areas.

Do you fund start-ups?

No, we generally will not fund an organization that has not been operating for at least 3 years with audited financial statements.

What is considered a Capital Campaign?

A Capital Campaign is a targeted fundraising effort to raise a large sum of money for a specific project or program within a defined timeline.  These typically last at least 1-2 years and are a mix of private and public funding. Examples:  construction of a new building or public park.

When can we expect to hear from you regarding our application?

The first step in applying is to submit an online LOI. If approved, you will be notified via email to submit a proposal. If we have questions, you will be contacted via email. Otherwise, the proposal will be reviewed at the next meeting and you will receive notification of decision within one week after the meeting.

Can we schedule a call or meeting prior to submitting an LOI?

We prefer to review the LOI prior to setting a meeting or call to see if your project fits within our guidelines.

Why wasn't our proposal approved for funding?

Please keep in mind the Glass Foundation has limited funds available each year and many applications. Once a project has been determined to fit within our funding areas, we have many points we consider including:

  • Is there is substantial need for this project?

  • Is the impact and scope of the project in line with the amount of funding requested?

  • Is the project compelling and of interest to the Board of Directors?

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